Friday, May 8, 2015

Toe Trimming Day!

Since the farrier was coming out for a few other horses at the barn, I added Gwyn to the list. I knew she was about due since her last trim and shoeing was about 8 weeks ago, the day I left Washington. I really like this farrier, he seemed knowledgeable and was able to talk to me about what to expect in her feet. We made the decision to pull her front shoes since she's not in nearly as wet an environment as WA was. I'll evaluate in a month to see how she's doing. He left her front toes a little long to adjust and to give her some chipping room to heal from the nail holes.

He explained everything, the whys and whats of what he was doing. I REALLY like that in a professional that I use.

Also, it seems like everyone knows the people we're buying the house from. The horse world is crazy small.

The farrier, Steve, really liked Gwyn. He thought she was a stallion with her huge neck. Nope, just a baroque horse, bud, heh.

We're showing the house to Eric's family on Sunday. The owners said they'd go over who they use for hay and shavings and show me everything with the house. I'm really excited! This feels like a much more intimate house purchase than our first was.

Kaylee gave Gwyn a check up

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