Friday, May 1, 2015

3.87 miles today!

Today was crazy. I lunged Gwyn to see where she was and she was listening and attentive so I thought, "Great!"

We went to the outdoor ring to ride and all of a sudden I had a spicy, firebreathing Goober on my hands. The bucks. You should have SEEN the bucks. We did end up having some nice canter work under saddle but it seemed that's ALL she wanted to do was canter and buck.

So instead we worked on bending at the poll and downward transitions from the seat. Finally I thought I had a reasonable horse so I went out in the hay field. I didn't particularly trust her on the road today after that great bucking session so we kept to softer ground. She was okay. We had a discussion about direction of travel that ended in her agreeing that I decide the direction of travel. I still managed a decent length of ride, it wasn't as fast, but I increased mileage from wednesday.

Gwyn was very sweaty so I hosed her off and stuck her out with the thoroughbreds. There was no drama with that introduction, they all just sort of nodded at one another and went back to the numerous hay piles that were spread out (5-6 piles for 3 horses, no fighting!)

Where I took my spill the other day. Off the right side, and using the logs on the left to get back up!

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