Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 27 ride 3.95 miles

I had a good ride on Wednesday. I wanted to get pictures of Gwyn's eyes to track the redness and see if anything that I'm doing is helping her out. 
The snakebite side. Still red, but it actually is not as bad. Every time I go out I've been using artificial tears in her eyes and she's wearing a fly mask now to go out. Hopefully that will keep damage to a minimum. When I have her at home the eye drops will be an every day occurrence prior to turnout. 

You can see in comparison to the two photos that she has drooping of the lid compared to the non-damaged side. 

Noms during the ride

She was a bit of a goosy girl on this ride. I worked on listening to steering, especially when we are traveling toward the barn and then turn away from the barn, especially at a canter. She was finally getting it on our third attempt. I really want to get out to a cross country course to evaluate away from 'home' to see if this problem still exists but it's still an issue. Correctable, but can't continue. Also frustrating that aside from consistency I don't see any quick fixes. I do welcome advice. Usually if she starts getting stubborn I'll do a quick one rein stop and then turn in the direction I originally intended and carry on. If I try a circle and she starts ignoring me we'll keep circling until she's soft and listening.

She also, in a fight with steering almost fell into one of the ditches between the hay fields and corrected at the last minute. I decided to send her through the ditch once my heart beat calmed down and she crossed it really well! I was actually a bit surprised. No hesitation and no crazy leaping. 

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