Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No ride today

Last night was a mess of awful sleep because Kaylee either has a cold or allergies and her coughing woke her up in the middle of the night. I did not sleep well. This morning I was not feeling at all like riding, which is entirely unlike me, but that more illustrates how exhausted I was.

I did want to get out and move in some way, despite being tired and decided to work on the small trail obstacles that are set up at the barn.

I mean, that kind of worked. I wanted her to get all four feet, or stop with the front two, but this was the best effort and she stayed that way only because it let her eat.

I should have lunged her first. That's the take away from today. Gwyn wanted to be out with the other horses eating and she was a handful on the ground. I tried to take her for a walk/jog on the dirt roads but we couldn't get 50 feet down the road before she flipped out from all the cars and took off back for the barn while I sprinted after her.

I can run when motivated, apparently.

So after that I decided that we were just going to free lunge in the arena.

That went decently well until I got a call from Eric to discuss the arsenic levels of the well water at the new house (6 ppb above the safe cut off) I was still exhausted and called it quits there. This outdoor arena is vaguely circular and despite being farther away than in a regular round pen, Gwyn was responsive to cues and body language.

We did have a "oh you want to run? so GO, TIME TO WORK"

I hope tomorrow is better. I'm going to bed early and I'm hoping for better toddler sleep so I can actually ride.

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