Tuesday, May 12, 2015

1.75 miles and Happy Gotcha Day, Gwyn!

Today was less than stellar for a ride, at least at the start. I didn't go out as early as I normally do because I ran back home after dropping Kaylee off for school. I needed to grab breakfast and then I ended up looking up trucks for my husband, which he had already done the day before but hadn't told me. Grr.

Anyway, Gwyn was already outside sharing hay with her pasture mate. Awww

We started going around the hay field, it was crazy windy and MUCH cooler than the day before! I was happy I had a fleece vest in the car to add as a layer. Gwyn argued about leaving the barn but eventually settled into a tense walk. I didn't even bother trotting. 

As we returned back to the barn I was already planning to head into the arena to finish the ride. Gwyn was too tense and I was thinking it would be just a little thing that could set her off. Sure enough, she spooked. I tried to stay on, I swear I did. But off I came. Sadly away from anything that could serve as enough elevation to assist me in getting back on.

So we walked back. Apparently there's a skunk over in the area she spooked. Grr.

Back in the arena I set up trot poles. I'd looked up good spacing and found a 3-2-1 rule. You set up the poles so that you can do three strides of walk, 2 strides of trot, or one stride of canter. I walked Gwyn across the sand and since it had rained the night before I was able to see her fresh tracks and set up the poles at the third stride. Three walk strides is 9 of my feet heel to toe. Now I can measure!!

We did lots of figure 8s over the poles and then called it a day since I needed to get Kaylee. Gwyn wasn't sweaty at all, perfectly dry, in fact!

4 years ago today Gwyn walked off the shipping van from Florida and I've been loving and so lucky to have her ever since.

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  1. Happy Gotcha Day, you both look so cute together <3