Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1.13 miles and some pole work!

Today was a good riding day. I again didn't have much time to ride because I spent it getting my new things settled and labeled with my name (Always a good idea when you board, trust or not) I wanted to play with some raised ground poles today since I feel like Gwyn doesn't pay attention to her feet and this would be a good exercise to work on.

As you see below, I had two different distances, one at a trot distance and the other at a 2 stride trot/1stride canter distance. I really like these raisers as a space saving way to make cavaletti! I'll be ordering more! 

I bought rail razers from Schneider's Saddlery and they arrived yesterday so I played with them today! 
We started with some free lunging for assessment. It was a chilly day again but unlike yesterday, Gwyn was not nearly as crazy. 


She did have some silly moments.

But at least this time there wasn't a lunge line dragging along behind her!

Socializing with the mare herd.

Silly bird laid her eggs IN THE ARENA. It's a Killdeer

It's marked by water tub so the tractor won't run over them.

Gwyn is not scared by the screeching momma Killdeer bird.

Pretty speckled eggs. 

Gwyn helped me clean up.

Rolling the pole with her nose.

Ultimately we had a slow, short ride, but productive and enjoyable! Now I'm going to be looking up more trot pole configurations to work on. It's a little difficult with the round arena. I also can't wait until I can just leave my poles out rather than cleaning up after myself. 

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