Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Still sick, no riding except in my dreams

Last night I had a dream that I was taking Gwyn on a trail ride for the first time with my new saddle (it arrives the 7th!) We were doing really well going off alone and even in the dream I was excited for the miles it was going to net me for the distance derby. Well, we're off alone and go to cross a road, which we do without any incident. The road was curved so in my dream I was worried about cars coming around too quickly and not seeing us crossing. We get to the other side where I see 3 black bears and 3 grizzlies, some of whom have trekking gear attached to them like pack ponies. At this point I'm not really questioning what I'm seeing, it's just, "oh, okay, stay away from the bears". I tried urging Gwyn up the trail and past the bears but she was having none of it. So Gwyn, of course, freaks out and heads back across the road. At the same time, the bears are coming closer and I shouted to three hikers to watch out, since they hadn't seen the bears. Across the road another group catches up behind us and stops short because the bears are coming closer. Now you can see one even has a western saddle. Gwyn is nervous and spooks and I realized that my saddle was slipping off and my phone had fallen out of my pocket. I hop off to fix the saddle and try reattaching the girth but it's not fitting right. That's when I see that there are TWO girths attached to the saddle, duh, that's the problem. Also one of the billet straps ripped (Uhhh, new saddle!!! Noo!). I fix the girth and reattach it and as I go to get back on Gwyn my dream ended. Even in my dreams, I ride!

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