Saturday, February 7, 2015

Back in the SADDLE!

I met Dawn the saddle fitter out at the barn this morning. It was a rainy day, and totally gross. The horses had been kept inside the past few days to save the pastures and were set to be in the next couple until all this rain is gone.

Gwyn was an airhead to start. She was full of piss and vinegar AND they were loading hay into the loft from a truck in the indoor arena so things were just crazy. She stood still long enough for me to mount and then was a giraffe and stiff and tense. The saddle felt like it was tipping me forward just a tad so while Dawn added a bit more wool flocking, I lunged my Goober of a horse.

She finally started to calm down and her brain plugged back in. Hopped back on and I immediately had happy snorts and she was stretching out and down, even in the trot. Yessss.  The added bit of wool helped the tip of the saddle just enough for me and it's perfect and fits me, even if it's half an inch smaller than I expected.
My new saddle, and not just new to me!!

17.5" Thorowgood T8 Compact GP

I need/want to get new stirrup leathers and a better girth, but all of that can wait until I'm in Michigan. I do have a gift card to Olson's Tack Shop so I might get a nice saddle cover. 

The big scary hay truck on the other side of the arena now. But Gwyn is much calmer.

Yay actually riding in a saddle again! And using the saddle pad I made!!

Once I'd paid and Dawn left, I hopped back on because I hadn't been out riding in over 2 weeks. Shame on me. But I've had the plague and I'm only just now feeling better. Plus I've been using the childcare time to get the house ready to sell, so pony time has had to take a back seat, unfortunately.

I also started my exercise program back up so my legs were KILLING me. But in a good way.

See? Gross outside, but the rain paused a bit.

So I joined a group of riders in their lesson for a walk in the neighborhood.

The red barn, also a part of the property at Shadows

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  1. Thorowgoods are great saddles- I have one too (: