Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thursday and Friday Barn trips

Thursday I got out to the barn and went out on the trails again. I'm getting more brave about riding out bareback as we continue to have good rides. On my second lap it started to rain so I was just "UGH" because it was cold rain and I didn't have a jacket on. But then when I'd already decided to be done after the second lap it stopped raining, I decided to be REALLY brave and venture off property along the road that the barn entrance is off of.  It's fairly quiet, especially mid morning on a work day and that was the most 'up' that Gwyn was the whole ride. She did really well, and we only went to the end of the road and not all the way into the cul de sac since I was worried the trash trucks would be making an appearance. As a result of that detour, I still got in a decent length ride for my time!

On friday morning I had already sent Kaylee off to be at drop in daycare and I had time before my afternoon engagement, so I decided to do a quick lunging session and do some basic jumping exercises. Gwyn did really well until I tried to video it, and then she was just a fumbler. Grrr pony. In the end I did get a video of how she just... prefers to trot over things. 

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