Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Groundwork Clinic

Tonight was one of a series of groundwork clinics that are held weekly in the evenings at my barn. We started with the basics and have been applying those basics to more and more things! These clinics have helped me finally get lateral movement under saddle from Gwyn and are just plain fun!

Tonight we worked on trail obstacles. These are more similar to things you could actually find on a trail ride, modified to be portable into an arena. There were two bridges, a rope gate, mailbox, plywood 'pit' and Gwyn log (so named because Gwyn is well known for not liking to side pass and that's what we were supposed to do at this log without stepping OVER the log)

This is one of the babies at the barn, Annie. We were being regaled about how a pitchfork's tines somehow found its way into her bum after she kicked Dani.

Gwyn watched very carefully while we went reviewed all of the obstacles that were set up.

One bridge, with Ira (colt) and Dani (human)


Talking about the second bridge and how it might be different and still scary despite us all conquering the first.

Gwyn selfie. She wanted to eat my phone tonight. She also wanted to eat my mint gum.

Snozz face.

No fear. In fact, the mailbox became a toy.

Then we moved to riding and doing the obstacles mounted. The gate was the hardest thing for everyone. 

Ira and Dani again near the plywood 'pit' with bonus Monet lunging out of frame

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