Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First Ride of 2015!

We flew in from CT last night and today Kaylee was back in school so I was out at the barn! It was lovely. Not too cold (42 F) and not raining. The sun was evening making attempts to clear away the clouds and fog.

Gwyn seemed happy to see me, I had been gone almost 2 weeks so I can't blame her. I groomed her, noted a lost shoe on her front right hoof  (figures) and decided to hop on anyway since I didn't have that much time to ride at that point.

I lunged first, since the horses had all been kept in yesterday and she was on her best behavior. Seriously good. We had lovely cantering, no bucking, both directions on the lunge line. That's usually my best mood gauge for her and when there's no frolicking I know she's going to be pretty steady under saddle. And generally, even if she's spicy on the lunge line, we just do some more work listening to me and then she gets pretty good for riding.

I only rode for about 20 minutes, and most of that at the walk since my boobs REALLY hurt at the trot.

Mileage estimate since my GPS did not start working is 1.3 miles, so entered for the Distance Derby.

My friend Jen was there to play with Gwyn's pasturemate, a big belgian named Callie. For a while Jen thought she might have to put Callie down due to persistent lameness but she's gotten better! I'm so happy for Jen, she was seriously down about the whole thing so to know that her heart horse can still get around, and better than before, is really heartening.

I took Gwyn out and found her lost shoe. I have a Goober of a horse.

The Goober Pony

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