Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sunny and foggy trail ride! 2.32 miles

Yesterday was crazy enough I didn't have time to sit down in front of my computer to blog my ride. We've been having crazy foggy/sunny weather out here lately. When I get to ride it's usually high 30s low 40s and warm when the sun burns away the fog. Yesterday was great. I ride in the mornings, which means it's cooler but riding out in the sunshine was so pleasant!

Gwyn was almost lazy when I lunged her, which gave me hope for barebacking it around the property. After I fell off from a spook in late September while on the trail I've been hesitant to go out bareback. Call it old age. But Gwyn's attitude seemed encouraging!

Lazy pony walk

Long and low trot!

 So after riding her once around the indoor out we went!  The fog was still hanging around and parts of the property were still in shadow (and cold!) because it was morning.

The 'trail course' is on the right.

We looped around the barn to start and then headed out for a counter clockwise loop. I even got pictures of the scary tipped over run in shelter.
See? Tipped over.

Gwyn was relaxed and happy the whole time. Her shoes were back on so I wasn't worried about the rocky portion of the trail.  Off to the right is a neighbor's backyard.

Another view of tipped over shelter.

We were approaching the tipped over shelter of doom from the opposite direction this time and I wondered how Gwyn would handle it.
Still happy ears.

Getting closer! You can see the cement still on the posts. It just got ripped out of the ground by wind.

A properly upright shelter

Final third shelter.

I'm not sure how this picture got instagram'd

Neighbors to the north. Sometimes I see deer in this field. There are also some inquisitive horses.

Third shelter! And close to the yard of random doom that Gwyn always snorts at.

Fog back on the barn

Callie just laying down. The horses were enjoying the sun.

We did three loops, alternating the direction with an occasional circle of the barn. Minimal trotting and Gwyn was totally relaxed and happy the whole time. I think she just enjoyed being outside and not riding in the arena, which I totally understand. I wanted to be outside too.

Apparently, she was quite put out when her pasture buddy, Callie, walked past her when they did turn out. Gwyn stays in on the days that I come out because I get there so early in the morning it doesn't make sense to turn her out for 30 minutes at most. Have I mentioned I love my barn? George claims it's less work for him, I'm just thankful he remembers.

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