Sunday, December 28, 2014

Frustrating things that are out of my control

I took a look at a barn on Friday as a temporary place to keep Gwyn after we move to Michigan.

You know how sometimes you get a vibe, whether about a person or a place? This place had a vibe. It was not a good vibe. So that's a setback. But as we've been driving all over Michigan looking at the houses on our Zillow list, I've been noting potential boarding barns.

Worst case scenario, Gwyn stays with people I trust until I have a house and land to support a horse and I deal with a severe horse withdrawal (Eric has promised me a YMCA membership if this arises).

It would also be a big bummer for the Distance Derby because that's potentially months where I'm not putting in miles on horseback. I didn't intend to be competitive mileage wise, but I was hoping to at least make a good effort and be held accountable.

Everything is still so up in the air it's frustrating. I want to know how much our house sells for so I can really search for houses out here and potentially buy so I can get Gwyn out ASAP.

I did get a quote back from Bob Hubbard. The trip from WA to MI routes through California, which makes frustrating sense because the passes are awful this time of year on I-90. But it makes the price about 2500, more than when I moved her from Florida. Ugh.

The place I used 3.5 years ago has since gotten some negative reviews online and it makes me hesitant to use them again even though I had a good experience. What would you do? I might still get the quote.

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