Monday, June 8, 2015

Yesterday for 2.1 miles

I bought a leadline saddle and it arrived the other day. Yesterday afternoon was my first opportunity to try it on. I should have kept the longer girth! The longest one I had barely fit because the saddle is so teeny. But it's perfect for Kaylee.

Gwyn says "This definitely makes my butt look big" Also note the bucket on the ground. It was up on a shelf. It also had cookies in it. Someone knocks it over every. single. time.

Kaylee had a blast. I tried teaching her the basics of steering. Gwyn is direct rein trained so it's fairly simple. Kaylee did a good job and managed to steer for a short bit!

Here she's learning to hold the reins a bit tighter.

Then I went outside. The whole day it was threatening to storm and I had Eric and Kaylee with me. I did some pole work and Eric got this picture. Then I took Gwyn out into the hay fields for some fun hand galloping. She and I had some steering discussions. I'm glad I can rate her back from a hand gallop to a canter with a half halt because it makes me nervous that her steering is not reliable. She also had a spook again at the same point in the ditch as a couple weeks ago. I did not fall off this time though! I rode her past a few times, albeit not close like we normally can travel but at least she wasn't veering off into the middle of the field. 

The last bit of Kaylee riding Gwyn

Gwyn mutual grooms me

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