Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tack cleaning and a ride 3.03 miles

Gwyn's nose, I love her speckles.

Yesterday I cleaned my tack and lunged Gwyn. I set up the cavaletti again and also put the barrels on their side for her to jump as well. She did jump them, but spent more energy devising a way to avoid them, despite the obstacles I laid out to keep her from doing exactly that.   LOL. I had prepped to ride but was worried about thunderstorms. Silly me. Those didn't arrive until well into the night.

Being let loose while their stalls were cleaned until the barn owner decided to just turnout because storms were a ways off.

Gwyn says "Stop taking pictures! But I'll look pretty."

Leap over the cavaletti

And SPROING over the barrels, lol

Playing with the barrels when we were done.

Then some grazing time outside. I took photos to have for ID purposes

Spotty butt

Today I went ready to ride. We'd gotten more rain and the ground was wet but I decided to just do low key walking around the hay fields. Most of it was pretty good and she didn't have any issues near her spook spot, so I have no idea what was going on with that from Sunday. It was a nice day otherwise and we got 3 miles in and she barely broke a sweat, even under the saddle pad. Goober is getting in shape! (I am too! I've started losing weight successfully/finally! If you see me in purple hair... that means 20 lb is gone!)

Clover flowering

We also met a little girl playing outside in a house across the street from the barn. She asked to pet Gwyn so I obliged. Gwyn crossed a shallow drainage ditch easily and let the little girl rub on her chest and then we parted ways. I'm a softie for horse crazy girls, I used to be one and I want to pass on the good experiences I had to kids.

I came back out to the barn this evening for a different farrier who was already scheduled. Gwyn's feet were a chipped mess. We'd left them long because she was going to chip away the damaged parts from where the nails were, but I wanted to make sure they didn't go any further. The farrier was pretty nice, chatty and sociable. Plus a lot of the other boarders were there so I had 2 hours of social time. Felt good. He rounded them out and got them to a point where I can maintain with  my rider's rasp. We also discussed supplements for hooves since other horses need biotin as well. I think I'm going to start with the smartpak supplements again, or at least get a regular shipment of non-prepackaged and dose meals myself since I'll have minimal animals to keep track of at home.

Her feet do look less of a mess now. Farrier Kevin also gave me a lead on a potentially free donkey and her yearling foal. Huzzah! Companions for Booger!
Her old nail holes are almost completely grown out!


  1. She is so pretty Amy! Love the different coloring on her. :D Happy Riding!

    1. Thank you! Happy riding to you as well!