Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1 and 2

Since I didn't ride yesterday I started by lunging in the outdoor except it was a soupy mess and there was no way I was risking Gwyn's legs in that crap with what I wanted to try today. So instead I went inside to the indoor arena. There's a cavaletti inside and I wanted to see what she'd do being lunged over it at a canter. Some of the results are in the videos above.  She did a pretty good job, I think, for a first try.

I did also ride in the indoor but it's small and she feels unbalanced at the canter with me on her so we just focused on walk/trot, transitions, suppleness and lateral work. My GPS was a failure today, it recorded less than .1 miles and we DEFINITELY did more than that. So Distance Derby is a wash for today's ride. Oh well!  Have some catch up pictures from yesterday and today.

I tested out Gwyn's fly rug. I was surprised to find that it was an over the head variety. It does not open in the chest area, which honestly is the only spot where I wish I could adjust it.

Gwyn is unimpressed.

I had a second fly sheet to try and that one, though 3 inches smaller, had better adjustments and still fit her.

My next size down girth came. Elastic is only on one end so it won't stretch as much, which my saddle fitter recommended. It's the same brand as my saddle too, I just wish their browns were consistent. 

More eye pictures for tracking purposes.  

I pulled a TON of my horse stuff out of the garage and stuffed it in the horse trailer. Felt good, yo.

Selfie before riding today.

Soupy mess in the outdoor arena. If you stayed in one position for too long the water started seeping into your shoes.

Super deep footprint.

Gwyn looks ridiculous when she trots the cavaletti.

Big leap, but nice knees! I'll bring the good camera tomorrow in case I do this again for better images.

Finally riding.

Herdmate laid down and just grunted and groaned a bit before halfheartedly rolling on one side and getting back up to graze. It was definitely a 'dead horse' kind of day.

Gwyn butt, which is not so flabby as it once was! You can feel muscle and it's nice and solid!

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