Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thunder cut the ride short plus a naughty pony

Today was lots of arena work. It had rained again last night and I want to get some work done on the trot. The arena wasn't bad for footing, It was wet, but nowhere near as bad as when we'd been drenched on for several days straight. I dropped my stirrups a hole to see how my leg contact felt and it was pretty good for arena work!

Gwyn was good to start. We worked on bending at the poll and accepting contact and some lateral movement. Then I asked for a canter. She was GREAT going to the left, except she wanted to stop at the gate. So we worked on keeping up momentum, even if I lost the canter, continuing to trot. That went well. Then I switched directions and suddenly Gwyn HATED one corner of the arena. She continued to just push through my leg and reins and veer right, collapsing in on her circle. When she gets like that she also ignores my seat so I resort to one rein halting, which can take a while because she's stubborn.  I had my dressage whip so when she tried it again I tapped her butt and she kicked out! No buck, but definitely a hind end lift. We tried again and this time when I one rein stopped her she put teeth to my shin so I bopped her on the nose with my hand.

Mare! What are you doing?! (Also, my 30$ cheap half chaps do not stay up despite me technically being larger than their sizing)

I stopped cantering and just asked for a walk and then a trot past the problem spot, and once I got it, since I was hearing thunder, I called it quits. 

Mareface doesn't understand why she's inside on a beautiful day.
Because I had heard thunder, the barn owner decided horses were coming back in, which, better safe than sorry but then nothing happened the rest of the day and I feel horrible because it was HOT and humid today. They had a breeze through the barn, but still, I feel guilty.

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