Monday, February 16, 2015

More blue skies, more riding!!

I knew google would pull through. Watch the sunset progress from today. Soooo pretty!

Have the rest of my day in pictures.

Coming in from the field... let's nom on the discard hay.


Grooming outside in the sun while the indoor arena is groomed by the tractor

Wheee! Canter on the lunge line!

Silly pony, you are not a western pleasure horse.

Not pictured: Gwyn being a goober and us having a more intensive lunging session that involved LOTS OF TRANSITIONS because I do not appreciate rearing and twisting and pulling a lunge line out of my hands.

Out on the trail with a sweaty pony.

Then we tried to complete the loop but unhooking a hotwire gate from horseback is hard, yo, especially when your horse is fear-respectful of hotwire. Even if that hotwire is off. And especially if she thinks a blackberry bramble is hotwire.

However, we achieved gate unhooking, just not access since I didn't throw it far enough. I also lost a polo wrap in the process that I made Jordan retrieve, muaha!

By the time I was done at the barn I learned that Kaylee was stuck in ferry traffic from her adventures on Whidbey Island and so I just hung out and watched the sunset while I chatted with Eric. It was a great evening.

I also sent out a ton of shipping quote requests. And I got the run around from one company and called them out on it. It remains to be seen how they respond.

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