Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rode Yesterday! Super Busy Indoor

I decided to make a quick trip to the barn before picking Kaylee up (and instead of working on the house, I needed a pony break, no judging). The barn gets BUSY at 4pm! There was a group lesson going on, and more people kept coming in. Thankfully I got my lunging done before it was super full and eventually I couldn't stand being around that many. I'm so spoiled with my morning rides when I'm the only one in the ring.

I left and tried to go around the property on the perimeter trail but it was too soppy and muddy so I just did the hard packed part (and shorter) at a trot on the way out and walked back.

Gwyn was sweaty with the work that we did and we ended up riding for 30 minutes, not including lunging time, which took a while because she was still fresh and light in her hind end. I'm still loving my new saddle, so huzzah! Apparently I spooked a bunch of horses when we went trotting around the barn. One person remarked that it sounded like I was cantering. Nope, just a trot. But a BIG trot, Goober Mare wanted to get out and MOVE and stretch her legs and we just couldn't do that in the arena. She also wanted to go into the barn and we had a discussion about that.

GPS said I did about 2 miles. Huzzah! Forward progress!

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  1. Wow that looks so crowded! Glad you were able to fit some semblance of a ride nevertheless (: