Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hi Tie training and a ride! 2.16 miles

Here's my high line system, all set up. I'll be playing with it to get it to my liking, but so far so good!

We also got a new toy for work around the farm. 

Saffron is enjoying grass up to her ears!

Their shady spot.

Artsy fartsy

This is Gwyn's first time on the high line. She didn't bat an eye. Good pony. She did give it a side eye when we initially walked up to it, but that was it. I think it was just because it was new and different.

"I can still eat, so I'm chill, mom."
Obviously I need to do something different with the extra length to keep it from getting tangled, but until I do an overnight test, I'm not worried. They're not in this pasture currently unless I'm nearby doing this training or riding.

"The tiny human is getting closer, Mom."

"She does not have treats."

Good mare.

Totally chill, even while Kaylee is trying to climb a rope also attached to the high line. 


I rode on the 16th! Baby was asleep and I bolted for the barn.  No pictures while I rode, just afterwards. It was a cooler day, high 70s and breezy.

Gwyn still got sweaty.  I hooked her to the high line to hose her off, since it was near my water pump. She spooked a bit, which I was actually happy about because it's a way for Gwyn to learn that she does have room to move her feet, even if she's restricted over all. She handled it well, hit the end of her rope and stopped and came back around. No panicking. I think we'll be fine over night, but I'll do that at home before we test it at a campground.

7/16/16  2.16 miles

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