Sunday, July 17, 2016

Goals Revisit: May, June, July

At least sit on Gwyn
Alt goal- teach second trick to Gwyn/teach to highline in prep for camping
First post partum trail ride!
Ride once a week

May:  I definitely got a ride in for May, so that accomplished my main goal! Woot!

June: I did NOT trail ride. This might have been overly ambitious for me. I'm not ready, nor do I think that Hazel was ready to be left alone without boob source for a couple hours so I could trail ride. Goal not met. I did ride twice, however. I did prep space to teach Gwyn to high line.

July: So far my once a week goal has not been met. It's hard to find time, usually I'm hoping for a good nap by Hazel, which isn't always guaranteed. I have met the alt goal for May, this month. I bought and set up the high line in the space I prepared and have stuck Gwyn on it. So far she's nonplussed. As long as she can eat, she doesn't care, plus she has good room to move around so it's only mildly restricting. Yay!

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