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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Halfway through January already

I'm resolving to work with Gwyn twice a week. This will easily net me the PonyUp100 goal of 100 sessions this year. I have a habit of falling into work too much to my own detriment. I need to remember to prioritize me. I'm doing pretty good so far and have a regular lesson time scheduled on top of Pony Club mounted meetings, though I'm passing on the first one because it's at Magnolia Ridge and I really don't like hauling up that hill. 

I really have to plan out my midweek barn visits because I end up so tired at the end of the day, or I suddenly find that's it's super late because I've finally been able to focus and get work done. Thankfully Claire gets me and is more than willing to solo parent for an evening. Me having the time at the barn is incredibly beneficial. 
I decided to cut basically all my hair off within the the first week of the year though. No more fussing with my pony tail for a comfortable helmet fit. 
This was a lesson day and we did some long lining since Gwyn was just distracted with kids running around and other horses doing stuff. It was really good to learn what I can do to bring her focus back to me and not escalate a situation. It's never an escalation in a dangerous way, but more a matter of maintaining her working in a helpful biomechanic.

The kids and I went on a mini hike after that lesson even in the rain. It was a fun adventure!

I got our ball python an accordion tube and I think she likes it. 
This mid week ride was hard. One of our clients was running a stress test audit in preparation for an FDA visit next month. I get tapped hard for audits because I'm amazing in front of auditors (Gonna brag here, because I'm fucking proud of that ) But it means heavy socialization and 'masking'. In this sense it's about presenting myself in a neurotypical way, with minimal fidgeting, and answering questions almost like an oral exam where you kind of have an idea of what they will ask you. Saying you don't know is okay, but being confident with the subject matter is crucial. And knowing when to stop speaking is even more crucial. 

Either way, it's exhausting. I knew the week would be exhausting. I planned a barn trip. I even wore my black Romfhs because they look just like my black ponte dress pants so I figured no one would know I was wearing breeches and I was correct. Then the traffic was awful because the highway going north shut down so all evening commute traffic routed to back roads. 
Nevertheless, she persisted. 
No regrets. 
Gwyn needed new grain premade, so it was good I did. She supervises well. 
Then it was lesson day again and I realized that I have a lot of tension that I'm carrying myself that is now starting to affect Gwyn. So I'll need to work on me with that to help her. And I'm just really pleased that Gwyn is telling me, in her own way. 

I was super stiff for this lesson. But I made sure that I helped Gwyn release her own tension before letting her back out. That posture prep groomer is amazing and Gwyn loves it. We had immediate yawns as I worked across her body.
And then, because it's been so rainy but the sun was out today, I spent time just hanging with her while she got to graze.

I'm so pleased with her condition. 
And then I went shopping for a special, special project.... 

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