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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Changing the Routine

This is mostly going to be word vomity with some pictures from recent rides thrown in for good measure. But I need to word vomit in order to make sense of things and organize my life.

Waiting for lunch and VERY unsure about me coming to get her with no lunch in hand.
 Jim and I decided on lessons every other week. We found a barn that will allow haul ins (at $20 each, ouch) so Cortney and I can meet him centrally with an indoor for these dark months. I can't wait for it to get lighter so we can go back to Bridle Trails because that is included in state park tags.

But still listening to the 3 year old. 
Given the snow recently, Cortney is snowed in fully so I had a solo lesson on Monday. It was the second day of snow storms so maybe not the smartest decision I've made to haul in, but the roads were mostly okay. I just took it slow.

 Despite wearing spurs during this lesson, Gwyn was still dead to my leg. As it turns out my half chaps are muting the signal (because in order to get appropriate calf width I have to get ridiculous length #fatgirlproblems)

I either need to treat myself to custom half chaps (yes please) or start wearing my tall boots for dressage work. I don't think my spurs will fit on over my half chaps.

Fussing about that other horses are getting fed lunch while she has to be lunged.
 So that's brain vomit 1. 

Hazel helpfully 'blocked' the entrance to the outdoor arena with the cones, LOL
 Then, my previously planned ride schedule was going to be Monday lesson, wednesday ride while Hazel has preschool in the morning, then a weekend *thing*.

Except I've gotten a new job now so riding will be relegated to evenings and weekends, which is more time away from family and relying on Eric to do majority child rearing in the evenings. That doesn't start until the end of the month but I'm really going to need to figure out a new schedule that will fit with work now added.
Finally getting lunch
 I'm not sure how much my schedule will fit into what they've told me is M-F 8-5. I'm very much looking forward to this job though because the pay is amazing, it's work that's right up my alley and specialty with a minimal commute.
Forward, down and out
 I still need to find childcare. And figure out how to add in the exercise that I've been enjoying lately like yoga and walking/jogging.
 I have paid for and been following Noom, with success so far. I'm hoping it will remain successful. It's working well with my ADHD.
 But yes, things from the lesson...
She's looking so good lately. 
 Working on shoulder in and half pass, also renvers/travers will help strengthen her weak hind leg. Having more effective spurs/leg aids.
 I need to remember shoulders touching for my own posture so I stop hunching.
Still using up my old colorstreet 
 There are other things that I need to physically write down, like things I'd like to have, rewards for milestones to treat myself, but those don't need to go here
The snow arrived.
 There's just a lot I'm mentally trying to organize plus I've got Girl Scout cookie season starting Friday so that's just one more thing on my mental plate.
So we went sledding
 So if you want girl scout cookies, my kid is selling them. I'll post the link on Friday when it's active and you can order them and ship them to your house directly, if you need to be enabled that way.
The arena for my lesson. It felt narrow but might actually be exactly dressage court sized. Also on a slope big enough that it's noticeable on horseback.
 I have lost 8 lb so far, so at least in that case I'm seeing success. I think with my first paycheck I'm going to get myself an actual fitness watch so I'm not relying on my cell phone to be my pedometer, which is what's currently happening. Any recommendations?
No actual lesson pictures. Just an almost fully untacked Gwyn who I was racing to get back in her blanket because the snow was picking up.

I took the kids to the YMCA yesterday to swim and the sun even came out.


  1. There are so many cool options for fitness watches these days! My Fitbit Charge2 just stopped working so I went ahead and ordered a Charge 3 while they were on sale though the watch I really want is not out yet, Withings Scan

    1. I think I had an original Charge? I can't find it though I swear I saw it recently, lol. I really just need to sit in the internet and read reviews