Saturday, December 15, 2018

Thank you, Stampy!

An unassuming little package appeared on my front step this morning, much to my children's delight, as they've very quickly figured out that packages this time of year mean fun things inside. Oh the holiday season ;)

My secret santa gifter was Kristen of Stampy and the Brain!

Inside was some very delightful wrapping paper and a super cute holiday card!

First thing opened was this VERY purple lead rope! And you can never have too many lead ropes. And my original purple lead rope is starting to fray/fade so this is well timed! All my spares are NOT purple and that is just.. ugh. Not acceptable, lol

Then, since there were three wrapped items and Kaylee was standing anxiously at my shoulder watching me open the box and first gift, I let her open the second to reveal a magic brush and new hoof pick! I know that Kristen had posted about how Maestro really really fell in love with this brush and I had honestly stuck it into my saved items to consider purchasing so to get one, and purple, is just fantastic! Gwyn loves being groomed and with her winter coat, being able to pull up some deep dirt and give her a good scratch will be nice! I'll be heading out to do some deep cleaning of the barn in a little bit and will definitely give the brush a go and see how she likes it (Prediction: a whole lot!)

I was also looking for another hoof pick of all things, and boom, one appears!

Finally, Hazel got to open to the third package which I think she thought meant it was hers. ("A UNICORN, Momma!" ) It revealed, (and I could be wrong, but it looks JUST like what they make) a Bel Joeor pouch, in my fav colors, with horse treats enclosed!

So thank you, Kristen! And we ARE super close to each other. I think Brighton Rec Area is about a halfway point for each of us and it would be awesome to meet up!


  1. I'm glad you liked everything and yes that is a Bel Joeor pouch. :) We will definitely have to put meeting up on the plan for 2019!

    1. I thought so! Thanks for supporting another blogger with my gift :) That's totally a cause I get behind.

      And yes!

      Can I convince you to come to a 15 mile intro to endurance ride in April at Brighton :D

    2. Is it after April 15th? I do taxes so I won't exist until after that. Otherwise I would love to! I know nothing about endurance at all.

    3. It should be! It's usually the third weekend ish of April. I should have dates soon for the 2019 calendar and I can let you know. But definitely after tax day ;) It would be a good wind down :D

  2. great gifts!! Love that pouch! i have one from Bel Joeor and love it! And I love all the purple!! Heart swoons :)

  3. love all the purple! happy holidays!

  4. Wonderful gifts!! I love all the matchy-matchy, haha. Thanks again for participating this year!!