Sunday, February 19, 2017

In which the girls ride on an unseasonably warm day for February

My mom is here visiting and she always helps me deep clean the barn. It being a super warm day also helped in that my frozen poop was thawing and thus could be fully picked up. Yay! I took a break from poo picking when Kaylee wanted me to get Gwyn's halter.  She proceeded to drag Gwyn around the arena, who very politely followed along after checking with me.

I asked Kaylee if she wanted to ride around on Gwyn with Hazel and she was excited for that. Mom volunteered to lead Gwyn and I would hang onto the kids. Kaylee then decided she didn't want to share with Hazel, so she was getting off. But Hazel was enjoying herself. So off we tried to go.

Well. Apparently my mom ranks lower than Gwyn, or at the very least Gwyn knows Mom doesn't know what she's doing. Gwyn promptly tried to exit the arena to get back to her hay pile, child still on board.

Instead, Kaylee led Gwyn and I held onto Hazel and mom took pictures. Even better!

(Note: Bad mom, no helmet. But I didn't let go of her the whole time so if anything were to have happened, she wouldn't have fallen.)

One ear on me/baby, one on Kaylee

I don't think that gps is accurate, but that's all Hazel!

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