Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Barn Decided and Shipping Scheduled!

Gwyn will be spending April working twice a week with a trainer at Shadows. That should keep her occupied and busy so she doesn't just get flabby. The shipper is tentatively scheduled for April 19th for pick up. I'm trying not to think about it. I used the same company that brought her from Florida to Washington because I had a good experience and I liked the price.

The barn she'll be going to is Hummingbird for sure. It feels like the right decision.

I scheduled Toby Ewing out for a vet visit on Thursday to get everything squared away for her travel. So he'll be at Shadow's tomorrow and once I have a more permanent date set they'll fill out the health certificate.

I'll have Gwyn with me before her birthday in May. YAY.

Now this stupid weather just needs to improve. I miss flowers and green prettiness. I'm going stir crazy with nothing to do.

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